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Technical Architect

Tipperary, Country: Ireland
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Job Description
Responsibilities And Duties

  • To support the total requirements as well as provide for present and future cross-functional requirements and interfaces.
  • Ensures these systems are compatible and in compliance with the standards for agency IT
architectures, and profiles of standards as they apply to the implementation and specific to the
solution for the platform, integration with other systems, and the external interfaces.
  • Ensures that the common operating environment is compliant.
  • Evaluates analytically and systematically problems of work flows, organization and planning
and develops appropriate corrective action. Provides daily supervision and direction to staff.
  • Leading the architecture, design, and development of applications and data storage for complex systems.
  • Development methodologies, use of open source and COTS analysis, and selection
  • Bridging the business aspects and the technical aspects of delivering complex systems

Required Skills

  • 5+ years designing architecture to include the software, hardware, and communications.
  • Bachelor’s Degree Required
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Technical Writing Expertise
  • Proven ability to design and edit iRules
  • Strong fluency with TMSH and Bash
  • Ability to generate reports using TMSH commands.
  • Experience with F5 tcpdump and Wireshark analysis, ssldump, curl, TCP traceroute
  • DNS, IPv4 and IPv6 comprehension
  • Network protocols and concepts
  • Experience with troubleshooting SSL protocols and cyphers
The candidate should have at least one of the following skillsets;
o JavaEE (J2EE), Java
o Unix (HP, AIX, Linux)
o Webservers and tiered architectures
o Virtualized / cloud-based environments including both internal and external solutions,
PaaS, IaaS, SaaS

Desired Skills
  • Automated systems performance, load, stress, data interface, code coverage, and security evaluation tools
  • Web 2.0 enhanced user interfaces
  • SQL database implementations including MySQL, Oracle, DOA, Stored Procedures, ORM
  • NoSQL REST/SOAP Web Services
  • XML Technologies
  • Configuration Management/ Source Control/ Build Automation
  • ETL
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