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Accounting & Finance + Sales/Marketing + HR Jobs (Nanjing, China)

Zhida International Cultural Exchange
Dublin, Country: Ireland
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Accounting & Finance + Sales/Marketing + HR Jobs (Nanjing, China)

**Online Interview only**

If you are an experienced professional, China’s leading and most exciting companies are looking for you at the 2020 Nanjing Enterprise Global Network Interactive Talent Fair.

About Nanjing: About the 2020 Nanjing Enterprise Global Network Interactive Talent Job Fair
The inaugural Nanjing Enterprise Global Interactive Network Talent Job Fair was held in June 2019, and was a huge success. Open to talent from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany, this fair was focused on attracting international professionals and entrepreneurs from a cross section of industries into the bustling city of Nanjing.
However, this year's fair is going to be even bigger and better than it was in 2019.
Near 100 of Nanjing’s leading enterprises and new scientific research institutes will participate in the fair, and represent a broad cross section of industries including; new information technology, artificial intelligence equipment, biomedicine, new energy conservation and environmental protection materials, software and information services, financial and technological services etc. It will have more than 300 high-level job opportunities that will be made available during the fair.
This is an opportunity you must not miss!
Nanjing, the provincial capital of Jiangsu Province (with an annual GDP of over USD $1.4trillion), is one of the most important economic centres of China with key industries including Engineering, Bio-pharma, Core Infotech, Internet of Things, New Energy Equipment and more. A beautiful ancient capital with an innovative drive, this city both wishing to attract and warmly welcomes international talent.

Some of the Employers and Positions available are:

Accounting & Finance Positions and Annual Salary (CNY)

  • Financial Manager, RMB 300-400k /Year
  • Financial Product Specialist (Investment Banking),RMB 5-8k /Month
  • AP Accounting, RMB 110-120k /Year
  • Financial Data Analyst, RMB 110-140k /Year

Sales/Marketing Positions and Annual Salary (CNY) :

  • Director of Sales, 15k-25k monthly, Base + Salary + Commission ;
  • Marketing Manager, RMB 10-15k/month
  • Sales Manager (Electronics) RMB 10-15k/month
  • Buisness planning, 6k-8k/month;
  • Foreign trade manager(Electronics), 10k-15k/month;
  • Electronic component sales engineer,8k-15k/month;
  • Technical Extension Engineer(Material ), 8k-13k/month
  • Buyer in bulk chemical raw materials, parts procurement, 10k-15k/month
  • Foreign trade business manager,100k-150k/Year + business commission
  • Marketing Director (Food Industry), RMB 15-20k/month ;
  • Sales Engineer (Technology), RMB 5-6.5k /month;
  • Sales Assistant (Pharmaceutical), RMB 100k/year;
  • Technical Account Manager (Biological Science) RMB 150-300k/year ;
  • Investment Manager (National), RMB 6-15k/month.

HR & Training Positions and Annual Salary (CNY) :

  • Training Supervisor / Manager, RMB 150-200k/year
  • Recruitment Specialists (Technology) , RMB 120-200k/year


  • Bachelor’s degree or above in relevant fields
  • 2+ years experience in a related field
  • Ability to speak Chinese would be great, but professional English and a willingness to relocate to China and develop your career is essential.

How to apply:

  • Please download our Nanjing Application form at
  • Please include your CV, and completed Application form email them to us
  • Please ensure your email title includes: Name + Position + Nanjing Job Fair
  • Our staff in Ireland will be in contact with you to confirm the interview date and time
  • Application deadline: 18/6/2020

Meet your future employer at the 2020 Nanjing Enterprise Global Network Interactive Talent Fair.

The 2020 Nanjing Enterprise Global Network Interactive Talent Fair showcases more than 100 of Nanjing city’s leading high-tech enterprises, the Talent fair is focused on attracting innovative technical talent to join businesses in Nanjing.
Nanjing supports a robust and high growth technology sector and has all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of big city living.
Employers are keen to speak to you and will be available for discussions at events to be held in June 2020!

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Permanent

Salary: €1,000.00 to €5,000.00 /month


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)

Work remotely:

  • Temporarily due to COVID-19
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