ECS Recruitment

Killarney, Kerry, Ireland

The ECS Philosophy

Prioritising working together with you.

ECS Recruitment adapts to your business’s changing needs, internally and in your marketplace, to ensure we’re both growing, successful, happy and most importantly – prepared.

The ECS Story

Although recruitment was already a well-established, competitive and fast-growing industry in Ireland and United Kingdom, our ECS founders realised that corporations were not being serviced to the even close to the highest standards. We found our clarity of purpose and established ECS, a recruitment agency built around a core belief that is a critical point of difference of … striving to be the best.

Having the best understanding, value and communication with our clients.

Bringing the best connected, reputed and talented recruiters into the ECS team.

Providing best training, support and human resources for potential employees.

Processes where the best screening identifies better candidates, quicker.

Ultimately, exceeding expectations for businesses with the best talent hire solutions.

All this ‘best-different’ underpins our brand: ECS. Empowering Corporate Success